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Craft Stamps

Craft stamps go so far beyond the traditional stamp! Bring stamps to life with a picture of your family, pet or hobby, a snap of your favourite holiday or a treasured picture or drawing. Craft stamps are ideal for card making, invitations, home décor, art projects, scrapbooking and school and office projects.

Many stamps for the craft market are made in clear photopolymer and these have a naturally sticky back that adheres to a clear acrylic block. You can see exactly where you are stamping and can use more than one stamp at a time.

Craft stamps are simple to create - you can upload an image to an online stamp site and order a single, unique custom stamp or you can buy sheets of stamps with several images that can be used again and again to make cards, stationery, gift tags, labels for homemade gifts, etc. We can all use stamps to add creativity and design to our lives, please contact us if you would like to know more or click on the logo for Personal Impressions below who have hundreds of ideas and stamps to help get you started.

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