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Other Stamps

Egg Stamps

Soft and flexible rubber stamps specially designed for marking eggs without breaking them. Usually used in conjunction with food marking ink.


QR Stamps

Stamps with a qr code on, typically a url or website but can be email address


Security Kit

Maxstamp, dry pad UV ink and a UV light, all you require to make a security mark on your property. 


Royal Mail PPI Stamps

Maxstamp either a 3.5 or 5 with any of the the Royal Mail new designs on.


Meat Marking Stamp

Meat–Marking Stamps are primarily used by the Food industry to mark meat carcasses with Food Marking ink. Produced from a solid white Polypropylene cylinder (170 x 80mm) with a turned grip and engraved face, they are hygienic, strong and boil-resistant. Impressions can be any shape that fits within the 80mm diameter and the text needs to be bold to leave a clear image.



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